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Frequently Asked

  • What will the size of the new homes be?
    All homes in our Pier Road scheme will conform to the National Described Space Standards and the London Plan Internal Space Standards, with 2.5m clear height in all habitable rooms. All homes will also be provisioned with a balcony or terrace, allowing private outdoor space.
  • What will the mix of housing be?
    We will include a good mix of 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bedroom family dwellings.
  • Who will live in the affordable homes?
    This will be dependent on the final agreement of the affordable housing offer agreed with LB Newham planning officers.
  • What thinking has gone into the design?
    Our proposed designs been through the Design Review Panel process as part of pre-application meetings with the London Borough of Newham. We believe our designs maximise the available affordable housing component whilst providing a lively public realm lined with residential entrances and active and green courtyards, providing play space to residents.
  • How tall are the buildings?
    The proposed development is comprised of five separate blocks, 3 at 12 storeys and 2 at 8 storeys. Our proposals see taller buildings positioned at the centre of the site, framed by mid-rise buildings that step down to respect surrounding heritage assets. The height proposed is lower than the surrounding schemes and is in context with the local area.
  • Where will residents/guests park?
    Due to the excellent links to the public transport and in line with climate change policies, our proposals are car-free, with an exception for disabled parking facilities. Residents will not be able to apply for a car parking permit. Guest parking permits will also not be distributed. Residents will be encouraged to use public or active transport. DLR and Uber Boat services are both available close by, with Elizabeth Line services across the river in Woolwich, accessible in under 15 minutes.
  • How much green space is proposed?
    Our proposals offer over 630m2 of door-step play provision for 0-4 year olds, and over 460m2 for 5-11 year olds. All courtyards will be a minimum of 19m width. Improvements to the public realm and inclusion of residents’ courtyard gardens are good opportunities to enhance biodiversity on the site and the landscape strategy will include features such as permeable paving.
  • What will be in the makerspace?
    Our ideas for the makerspaces will include a variety of uses that work towards creating an active neighbourhood and helps to embed culture in all aspects of the design and foster cultural partnerships locally. Spaces will be designed to be flexible and accessible and to suit a variety of potential users and operators. These studios will be well sought after in the local area.
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